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Bringing new light to a different way of brewing.

While barley is highly regarded in the world of beer, corn is often disregarded as a brewing grain and even, at times, treated with disdain.  However, the history of brewing with corn goes back at least as far as that for barley, and is rooted right here in the Western Hemisphere.  At Dos Luces, we have explored the history behind some of the many styles of beer traditionally brewed with corn, and have embraced corn as our core grain.  The “Dos” Luces (Two Lights) represent our two core types of beer, a corn-based Chicha and a corn and maguey-based Pulque.

Dos Luces. The sun and the moon. Inti and Meztli. Chicha and Pulque. We chose the name Dos Luces because it represents the duality of light – While you might be tempted to imagine this as light and darkness, we prefer to consider the bright light of day in contrast to the brightest beacon of light at night. Call it divine inspiration or simply the accumulation of ideas within two swirling brains, Dos Luces represents the idea that there is always light when you look for it.

Dos Luces is the result of when two people who love beer get together and start talking.

Judd Belstock, the owner and founder, has been in the beer industry since he was 23 years old. His interest in Chicha and Pulque began years before he was born, when his father spent time in the mountains of Peru, working with the Peace Corps around Cuzco. After childhood trips to various regions in Mexico, as well as rooted interest in the history of the Americas before the Conquistadors, Judd went onto a business career selling and marketing beer. That’s where he met Sam Alcaine, and eventually started asking the question, “What if we fermented something other than barley?”

Sam Alcaine, Co-founder, brewed his first beer in college, and has been hooked on fermentation ever since. Son of El Salvadoran and Cuban immigrants, he has always loved studying the unique fermented foods and beverages of the Americas. Sam has been a brewer, food microbiologist, and now is a professor of fermentations. Over the years he’s scoured the States for Pulque, malted corn in his apartment, and encouraged everyone to drink these bubbling brews. He and Judd met many moons ago, and now the sun has risen on the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of rich traditions and ferment something different.


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